Paimio-Turku exceptional route

The routes of the bus traffic lines 704, 706, 706M, 707 and 708 operating between Paimio and Turku will be temporarily switched to the motorway via Kravinkuja as a result of the traffic interruption at the bridge construction site. From the motorway, the lines return to the normal route at the Tammisilla junction. The route is the same when driving from Turku. There is no bus traffic on the Pakurla bridge-Tammisilta section during the bridge construction site. It is not possible to detour buses through decommissioned stops. The interruption of vehicle traffic will start on the bridge on May 9, 2022 and will last for about 4 months.

For more information, see Paimio-Turku (703-709, P1-P4) Routes and timetables.

The earthworks are delayed from the previous estimate, so the suspension of traffic for 2340 vehicles on the roads must be continued until mid-October.