Seutu+ serial ticket

Now you can travel on the lines in the Turku region with a Seutu+ serial ticket as well.

You can top up the Seutu+ serial ticket with 10 single regional journeys at a time. You must use the journeys within a year of purchase.

You can use the serial ticket with the convenient Seutu+ mobile app or the traditional Seutu+ travel card.

Eligibility area and lines

For the time being, serial tickets can only be purchased for connections in the Turku region. Serial tickets do not include Föli tickets, and serial tickets cannot be used for transfer or connection journeys in the Föli area.

The serial ticket may be used on the following lines.

Turku region

Aura – Turku | Line 413
Mynämäki – Nousiainen – Masku | Lines 117 – 119
Paimio-Turku | Lines 702 – 709
Parainen – Turku | Lines 801 – 802 and 901 – 904
(Kemiönsaari) – Sauvo – Turku
(Uusikaupunki) – Mynämäki – Masku – Turku
(Kustavi) –Turku