Seutu+ mobile app

You can use Seutu+ season tickets conveniently with the mobile app. On the connections in the Turku region, the mobile app can also be used on to purchase Seutu+ serial tickets. You can also find the route planner in the application.

The Seutu+ app is available for the latest Android and iOS phones.

Purchasing a ticket requires signing up for a user account.
Please note: If you have already signed up for the Föli mobile app, use the same email and password to sign in and sign up for the Seutu+ app.

You can pay using a debit or credit card (Visa and MasterCard), MobilePay, Pivo or Apple Pay.

The Seutu+ season ticket for the mobile app can be used in the following eligibility areas:

  • Turku region + Föli
  • Uusikaupunki 1
  • Uusikaupunki + Föli
  • Kemiö 1
  • Kemiö + Föli
  • Rauma 1
  • Rauma 2

The validity of the Seutu+ season ticket begins immediately upon purchase. Once the Seutu+ season ticket has been purchased, you can find the ticket as a QR code on the application’s Purchases tab, which contains all valid tickets and information on previously purchased tickets. Your ticket’s remaining validity period is displayed above its QR code.

Stamp the ticket when boarding the bus by showing the QR code to the reader.

If the ticket you purchased also includes the Föli region, two QR codes will be shown in the mobile application, one for your basic journey and the other for your Föli trip. Remember to show the correct code when boarding the bus.