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Seutu+ is a season ticket that you can use to travel from Pargas (lines 801–802, 901–904), Paimio (lines 703–709, P1–P4), Mynämäki-Nousiainen-Masku-Turku (lines 117-119), and Aura (line 413) to Turku. It can also be used for extended and transfer trips throughout the Föli region. Seutu+ is available as a mobile app and physical travel card.

Seutu+ is available on the following lines: 413 (Aura), 117-119 (Mynämäki, Nousiainen, Masku), 703–709 and P1–P4 (Paimio) as well as 801–802 and 901–904 (Pargas). It can also be used on all Föli lines.

This meant purchasing a regional ticket for your basic journey and a separate Föli card for trips in the Föli region.

The Seutu+ season ticket allows you to travel between Pargas, Paimio, Mynämäki, Nousiainen, Masku and Aura as well as in the Föli region (Turku, Kaarina, Lieto, Raisio, Naantali, Rusko) without having to change your ticket.

To see which lines Seutu+ is available on, see the list above.

The Seutu+ mobile app is free to download, and the Seutu+ card can be currently obtained free of charge from any participating service point.

The price of the 30-day travel period can be found on the Price list page.

Currently, Seutu+ is being run as an experiment whose main objective is to discover the best solution that will allow passengers to use a single ticket for their entire trip (basic trips and extension and transfer trips in the Föli region).

A season ticket is the easiest to price, as it allows passengers to pay for the right to travel for a certain period of time in one go. The prices of individual regional transport tickets are based on travel distances, and applying this type of distance-based pricing in a mobile product would constitute a major project. Seutu+ has not yet reached that stage.

Seutu+ is an experiment, and the objective now is to gather data from a limited number of lines. In the future, the goal will be to extend Seutu+ to other areas in the Turku region.

The price of Seutu+ is the same for all passengers and no discounts are granted for different age or discount groups.

A Seutu+ season ticket is valid for 30 days. Its period of validity begins on the date that it is added to your card or app.

The Seutu+ app can only be topped up in the app. You can top up your Seutu+ card on the website’s top-up service, in the mobile app, at a service point or on a bus.

You can use your debit card on the all Seutu+ region lines.

No, you can only add one period at a time

You can purchase a Seutu+ season ticket for your Seutu+ card. Seutu+ cards are available at the following service points: Monitori Turku Market Square and Monitori Skanssi, Sisula in Aura, Mynämäki library, Masku library, Paimio City Hall and Pargas City Hall. For the visiting addresses of the service points, visit the Travel Card info page.

You can pay in cash for any card top-ups at Monitori Turku Market Square, Monitori Skanssi, Mynämäki library, Masku library and the service point in Paimio. The service points in Pargas only accept card payments.

Please note: If you have already signed up for the Föli mobile app, use the same ID (email and password) to sign in to the Seutu+ app.

If you have any other technical issues, please contact PayIQ, the provider of the mobile ticket, at [email protected] or +358 10 419 2222.

If you have any technical issues, please contact PayIQ, the provider of the mobile ticket, at [email protected] or +358 10 419 2222. Remember to provide the number of your travel card to speed up the process.

The travel card’s validity period is presented in the following format: at 4.00. The validity of season tickets always ends at 4 am. The validity period indicates the actual validity of the card, meaning that the term will stay in effect for the duration of the night-time period extending to the next day.

The period of validity of Seutu+ mobile tickets can be viewed in the application. To check the validity of your Seutu+ card, visit the online top-up service. You can also check your balance at a service point.

If you cannot find your card, it can be replaced. The replacement process must be done at a service point.

The card and mobile app are not connected. The mobile app cannot be used for the balance that is on your card. This means that you will need to choose between the card and the app.

Upper secondary level students can travel on Seutu+ period ticket on all Seutu+ lines (413, 117-119, 703-709, P1-P4, 801-802 and 901-904). Seutu+ period ticket includes journeys from Mynämäki, Nousiainen, Masku, Pargas, Paimio or Aura to Turku and an onward journey in the Föli area. You can also travel on Seutu+ lines with the Matkahuolto school transportation ticket, but it is not valid in the Föli area.

Students in a general upper secondary school or a vocational institution can apply for support from Kela for the costs of their daily school trips. Students will first pays for Seutu+ period ticket and then apply for compensation from Kela themselves.

You can purchase a Seutu+ -period ticket with a standard payment commitment at a service point. A standard commitment form can be obtained, along with the payment commitment, from the granter of the payment commitment.