Choose the Seutu+ season ticket instead of a car

Did you know that for the cost of refuelling one car, you can travel for a month with the Seutu+ season ticket? The costs of driving a car are constantly rising. Fuel prices in particular have increased in early 2022. The prices of the Seutu+ season ticket have remained the same despite this. You can find the prices of season tickets in the Price list.

Seutu+ is now even more competitive alternative for everyday transport. Instead of driving your own car, benefit yourself by using the Seutu+ season ticket for regular commuting, school trips and running errands.

You can purchase a season ticket if you travel on lines 413 (Aura), 117-119 (Mynämäki-Nousiainen-Masku-Turku), 703-709, P1-P4 (Paimio) or 801-802 and 901-904 (Pargas). With a season ticket, you can make an unlimited number of trips on the Seutu+ lines and all Föli lines.

The Seutu+ season ticket is available as a mobile app and as a physical travel card.