New additional Seutu+ route from Nousiainen to Turku

The new Seutu+ route (118R) from Nousiainen to Turku began on 29 August 2022. The new route complements the earlier Mynämäki-Nousiainen-Masku-Turku system. At the beginning of the school year, there have been many passengers on the 6:50 route from Mynämäki (118) and the busses have been full.

The route starts from the stop at the Repolantie intersection in Kaitarainen at 7:00 from Monday to Friday on driving days. The route goes to the centre of Nousiainen and on from there to Road 8. The route continues through the Masku and Raisio ramp stops along Road 8 and Satakunnantie to the Turku bus station.

The timetables can be found on the Seutu+ website Routes and timetables – Seutu+ ( and on | Kaikille teille